Who's your neighbor?

Ok I know that there's a bunch of bad shit that happens in the world on a daily basis but WTF?!?!

The news this week has practically sent me into a state of utter depression. Shootings... stabbings... abduction... What's wrong with everyone? Why the need to hurt someone or kill someone? What happened to working things out? Talking things through? Or, just walking away?

Is this one too many questions?

It made me so sad to hear all these things and to know that this is going on in my city... where I live. I'm so thankful that the children in my life (even if they aren't my own) are well behaved, honest and loving individuals.

Today however, things got a little too close to home... actually it hit home directly. I find out that one of my munchkins this morning told their mommy that another kid in his grade told him they want to stab him in the head. WTF?!? Another first grader... how can something like that even come out of a child's mouth? Where's the innocence? My heart's nearly broken. We all did what needed to be done to somewhat manage the situation but I find out this morning that the principal of my munchkin's school didn't even know about this. The teacher never told him. Boy did that open up a can of worms.

How do we protect these children from being hurt? How do we prevent situations like what happened at Coral Gables Senior High, with Jamie Gough, the lady that was shot on the bus or the girl abducted in North Miami from happening?

Who's fault is all of this? Is it really just the child's, the teen's or the perpetrators fault? Granted if you're over 18- you're responsible for yourself and your own actions. By 15- a minor should know the difference between right and wrong. But what about the 6, 8 and 12 year-olds? Face it, most of us well into our 20s and 30s still have problems understanding our emotions or how to deal with situations whether it's jealousy, heartache or just stress in general.

People please... encourage your children to talk to you. Older kids- it's ok to talk about what's going- parents care, siblings care, teachers care- I promise YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

If you're a parent- just imagine how much more confused theses children are with their emotions, feelings and lack of experience. Remember you were their age once and although the times may have been difference- it doesn't change the situation. Don't make things taboo- Keeping an open line of communication is important.

I hope things get better around here. I'm tired of seeing innocence fly out the window.

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Comment by Alex (MUL) on September 17, 2009 at 12:36pm
It could actually be a combination of things that could lead kids to think this way: 1) less attention and guidance from the parents while growing up due to working long hours 2) things they see on TV and 3) modern video games with violence. In the particular case above, I think this child actually heard someone say this before. That could have been at home or from some of the older neighborhood kids. It's all a chain reaction, but I agree it needs to be taken very seriously.


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