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Some people may work out for cosmetic reasons, to improve their fitness level, or to even blow off steam after a long day in cubicle-ville. There is no wrong answer because all those interlacing roads tend to lead to the same place: a sense of wellbeing and a healthier body & mind.

So, let's talk preference. When it comes down to working up a sweat, what turns you on? Many love the efficiency and individual attention that comes with personal training. Others may need the motivation that comes with a group training scenario. Looks of quasi-concern from the seasoned and striated directed at the unfortunate souls that drop out 20 minutes into a class are good enough incentive to push through the pain for most.

Where do you stand? Not that I don't have respect for those mavericks who wander the gym solo hunting for the perfect pump but let's discuss the vanilla and chocolate fitness options before we ponder the mysterious constitution of the strawberry variety. Ok, fire away. Let those opinions fly...

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