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Personal training and group exercise classes at my building, really?

Hello everyone!

We at Downtown Athletic Club are launching a new program designed to supplement and enhance the fitness/wellness amenities at your building. Who has ever been a bit underwhelmed by the energy level found in the residential gym? I have. I also have a solution. Let's join forces to infuse your building with the inspiration you need to keep the pounds off and the positivity up.

We will bring popular classes like Zumba, Yoga, & Turbo Sculpt to your doorstep. Also, benefit from private training with one of our fully insured & licensed personal trainers. Get the accountability and results you want from a personal trainer that is fully backed by DAC. With 25 years of fitness excellence in Downtown Miami we are ready to take it to the streets!

Feel free to reach Rob at Downtown Athletic Club for more info or ask your property manager how you can start taking advantage of Residential Fitness from DAC.

Be well!

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