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Unfortunately, our clients often reach a point in their business matters in which there is no reasonable alternative to a lawsuit. For businesses involved in a dispute or lawsuit, our Litigation Team is adept at handling all litigation matters. Our litigators have substantial experience providing trial services to a wide array of industries, enterprises and individuals. The Team provides results oriented and cost effective solutions for complex commercial problems concerning contracts; construction claims involving developers, contractors, subcontractors or owners; banking and finance litigation issues; copyright and trademark infringement; a combination of these issues; or other claims or defenses.

The Victoria Law Group is committed to understanding the needs of our clients and this entails learning their businesses and industries. We have represented clients in different levels of state and federal courts and we guarantee that we will represent your goals and interest as if they are our own. We handle various types of litigation but are primarily focused on the following four avenues:

     a. complex commercial litigation
     b. insurance litigation
     c. international litigation
     d. real estate litigation
     e. securities litigation

Our legal team provides legal alternatives to assist in resolving your case and will give you the freedom and choice to decide which action to take. Whether you wish to protect your rights or enforce an agreement, our Team is built to serve you.

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