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Time is the single component that runs everything in the world. We manage our lives based on this component. When there is not enough not time certain priorities are unaccomplished. One of those priorities that we can easily make excuses to leave out is exercise. Most of us have a tight schedule which leaves us with no time, exhausted, hungry, and unmotivated. Motivation is the key here. There is this myth where people think they have to workout for an hour or more in order for it to be considered a good workout. This myth needs to be addressed today, and I know most of you, including myself can use these tools to work yourself in a shorter period of time.

We can begin to discuss how a workout that is under 60 minutes can be beneficial. For the obvious reason doing something is better than nothing! Calories expended in a 30-45 minute routine will go along way rather than not doing anything. You are talking about at least 150-200 calories that could be burned off. Instead that will just add to the calories that you are eating when you should be exercising. Pushing yourself in these durations will bring you closer to a negative caloric intake, burn fat, activate the nervous system, increase endurance, build strength, and will aid in fighting disease. There are many modalities for 20, 30, and 45 minute workouts.

Now, we can discuss what you can possibly do in that time and how to do it. First you need to use this precious time wisely, which means shorter rest periods, your warm-up needs to be specific, and the regimen should be a total body routine. A specific warm-up is using the movements used in your routine as the warm up. For example, to do leg exercises in your routine then you can warm up with gradual lunges and gradual squats. This means do the movement half way, and work your way into the complete movement.

Now here is the workout. We need to utilize your body weight as much as possible.
Example: Push-ups with body squats. You will do as many as you possibly can for 4 sets with a 30 second rest period. Those two exercises use the most muscles and they are challenging. This is so simple and can be done anywhere!
After those 4 sets are finished we can move to forward and backward lunges with pull ups or planks.
This workout will burn a lot of calories, build strength, endurance, and burn fat.

Here are other examples of challenging exercises that should be done in a routine short in duration.
-Boxing Jabs
-Jumping Rope
-Mountain Climbers
-Jump Squats
-Sprinting Intervals
-Jump Pull Ups
-Jumping Jacks

There are many more that you can add, just make sure they are challenging, use short rest periods, and push yourself to the max. Your heart rate should never become close to 50% of your max heart rate. You do not need 60 minutes, use those valuable minutes in your life to better yourself. You are NEVER too busy to exercise, that excuse is abused too often. I am not saying you have to do this every day but setting aside at least 3 days will put you ahead of the game. It can be done, use anything you can to motivate yourself. Disease related deaths are increasing every year, and most can be prevented through exercise. Please try to use your valuable time wisely.

In Good Health,

Rob DiDonato

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Comment by Alex (MUL) on November 3, 2008 at 10:16am
Another good one! Keep up the great work...
Comment by Evelyn Haber on September 11, 2010 at 12:14pm
Love the workout, about something as simple as........walking. Thirty minutes a day to start, and then build on that. To make it interesting, vary the intensity of the walk, fast for a minute, then normal, then fast for two minutes, then get the picture. Nothing fancy, and it's something that everyone can do anywhere. Gotta love the simple!


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