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Go Burger Pimpin' Around The World

If you still haven't decided how to spend your summer vacation and you can dig up about $6,000 in coins under your sofa cushions, Burger King may have the answer...

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Cocaine Cowboy Director Says Miami Is "A Melting Powder Keg"

Miami's Billy Corben, director of the critically-acclaimed Cocaine Cowboys documentaries, sits down with New Criminologist and shares the secrets of being a good documentarian ("find a good story and (don't) fuck it up."), insight on future projects (an HBO television series produced with Jerry Bruckheimer) and an update on the Godmother, Griselda Blanco.

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What Happens In Vegas....Starts at WMC 2009

Break out your glow sticks and pacifiers. Las Vegas Weekly says the trends and club anthems launched this weekend at the Winter Music Conference will ultimately filter down to the Strip "without most mohawked or stiletto-ed club goers every knowing it."

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Neighbors Say Venetian Isles Home Is A Porn Studio

Neighbors say Miami home is a porn studio. Homeowner denies allegations, says he's Catholic and just likes to party. Amen.

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"Miami Ink" Artists Ready to Tattoo Some Babies

From luxury strollers with AeroSleep mattresses to sterling silver rattles to $300 cashmere blankies, some babies have it good. Damn good. But let's face it, these are the same tots who are in for a rude awakening when it comes time to interact with the general population down at Happy Time Day Care.

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Of Megayachts, Shangri-La Suites & A Parrot Jungle

Unless you frequent the Miami Children's Museum or Jungle Island, you probably think of Watson Island as the big right-hand curve from Downtown to South Beach. But to Turkish developer Mehmet Bayraktar and developer Flagstone Property Group, the 80-year-old man-made island conjures up images of St. Tropez and Monaco.

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Hacker Targeted Miami, Space Coast Teens Online

After being investigated by the FBI for five years, an Irish-born computer hacker was finally arrested on Friday. Florida Today says Patrick Connolly "used elaborate computer-hacking methods, personal information and direct threats against teenage girls because he wanted nude photos of them, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Orlando."

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Empty Seats + VitaminWater = Miami March Madness

March is here and that means college hoops madness coast-to-coast. But the Bleacher Report says the NCAA probably regrets letting Miami host one of the first-round regional tournaments. While attendance at the other seven sites has been averaging 15,000, thousands of basketball-crazed Miamians have been dressing up as empty seats at the AAA.

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SoBe Minibar Urges Guests to "Get It On"

Attack of the Minibar! As if they weren't tempting enough, hotel fridges are getting smarter and (in South Beach) sexier.

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Comfortably Numb: The Regent Bal Harbour Delivers

If the Miami lodging recommendations by major travel writers are any indication, Canadians must be weathering the crisis a little better than Chicagoans. While a Sun-Times writer recently told readers how they could do South Beach on $23 a day, Alex Bozikovic's review in Toronto's Globe and Mail could be titled How To Do Bal Harbour From $603 a Night.

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L.A. Museum Plucks New CEO Away From Miami

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) just named Richard P. Townsend to the Museum's CEO position which has been vacant for over a year. The Times article highlights Townsend's many accomplishments in Miami, as well as the recent overlap between MOLAA and MAM...

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"Repo" Cruises Offer One-Way Bargains From Miami

The weak economy means rough waters for the cruise industry. Just ask the billionaires who run the major lines like Carnival's Micky Arison and NCL/Oceania's Leon Black. While these industry titans are losing billions on paper, you can at least save several hundreds on your next cruise writes Jay Jones of the L.A. Times...

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With Madoff Behind Bars, It's Time to Free O.J.

In case you missed it, Ponzi scheme mastermind and all-around slime merchant Bernard Madoff pled guilty to 11 counts of fraud, perjury and money laundering on Friday. And now that Bernie is resting snugly in his 8x8 prison cell, we can finally turn our attention back to the greatest legal and societal injustice bothering all Miamians and most Americans: Freeing O.J.!…


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Miami Tourist Goes Latin Binge Listening

Washington Post travel writer Necee Regis recently flew to Miami with one goal in mind: "to discover as much music as I can in one weekend" and more specifically, "the dynamic and unpredictable nighttime Latin music scene." And while she does manage a good 48 hours of club hopping in and around Little Havana, Regis also walks away with a greater understanding of how we roll in the 305...…


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Why Tony Montana Could Have Used A Good VCA System

Industry experts and interested investors are meeting in Miami this week to discuss the future of VCA or Video Content Analysis. What is VCA? Well, to use a hometown celluloid example, if Tony Montana had had a reliable VCA system guarding the perimeter of his mansion 26 years ago, he might still be an upstanding, productive member of the Miami-Dade community.... …


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EA Prepares to Unleash Godfather II On Miami Streets

Last month MEAT featured an interview with Rockstar Games developers who acknowledged Miami (or Vice City's) role in shaping the future of the Grand Theft Auto series. Now the spotlight turns to Electronic Arts and their highly-anticipated new release, The Godfather II...

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Miami Artist Takes Swamps & Scandals to NYC

t's no secret the current economy is having an impact on the art world. Auction results are lackluster, major sponsors have pulled out of fairs and the collapse of major financial institutions like Lehman Brothers has hurt the museums and art galleries with whom these banks made prior commitments. While discouraging, the uncertainty surrounding the Art Economy is also liberating in some respects prompting major fairs to take some chances...…


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Anytime you come across a story outside of South Florida involving workplace scandal, sexual indiscretions and rushed resignations, you're never really surprised to learn of some tie back to South Florida. Bienvenidos! That's how we roll. But what are the odds that two media personalities involved in two separate Boston newsroom resignations have ties to South Florida...…


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Fast Forward: 48 Hour Films Coming to Miami

What can most of us accomplish in 48 hours? Tackling a small home imporvement project? Enduring a Bravo reality series marathon? Colon cleansing? How about writing, shooting, editing and scoring an original film? It may sound impossible, but that's exactly what 30,000 aspiring filmmakers did in cities around the world as part of The 48 Hour Film Project....

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No Soccer For You! MLS Passes On Miami Team

Major league soccer MIGHT come to Miami! That was the announcement made last fall when Brightstar CEO Marcelo Claure and FC Barcelona officials made their pitch to MLS in California. Miami was one of six cities in the running for an expansion team. Claure & Co. returned to Miami and urged fans to get excited, purchase advance season tickets and show genuine interest for an American soccer team with ties to a Spanish franchise here in Miami...…


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