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Happy Thanksgiving MUL!

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Mrs. Brickell's Neighborhood

A little Brickell history...

Mrs. Brickell's Neighborhood

In the shadows of the skyscrapers lies a quaint little slice of Miami's past known as Southside. Soon it will be wiped from the face of the earth.


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The Motivational Edge Shining Light on Autism in South Florida

I've had the honor and pleasure of doing an event with Ian Welsch, CEO of The Motivational Edge. Their music program is unique and beneficial for children that suffer autism. However, their program isn't limited to just autism. The Motivational Edge also provides learning and educational enrichment through music for children that are less fortunate or that may be at a disadvantage or even for those that just need a different way to learn. It is an exceptional endeavor and a spotlight for autism… Continue

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Gummy Bear Surgeries

Experimental Gummy Bear Surgeries

By Ben on Tue Apr 27 2010…
Experimental Gummy Bear Surgeries

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Buena Vista- Buena Comida

Who would have thought that love at first sight would transcend and manifest a unique French bistro in the heart of old-Midtown? A diamond in the rough some would call it, once first glance has skimmed through the bitter surroundings of its location. An easy spot to miss but all the better for those that have the fortune of its discovery. With very few choices for food in the area, owners Claude Postel and Clarie Bienvenu, have accomplished what they set out to…

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FREE $50 Gift Certificate to ECCO for MUL's 2000th Member!

Who will it be?

We are giving away a FREE $50 Gift Certificate to ECCO for our 2000th Member!

Winner will be announced and featured on MUL front page!

No cheating guys- this is for first time new members!…


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What to wear to an 80s party...

For most of us it's been quite some time since we dressed in 80s fashion. So I thought I'd take the liberty to go back and remind us all of those funky fashions we grew up with.…


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Super Bowl Comes to Miami with Star Studded Events

There's nothing like bringing a major event to Miami. What a week of excitement and festivities for the welcoming of Super Bowl 44. Miami's hottest lounges, bars and clubs have been star-studded all week with NFL players, celebrities and artists. I'm sure they've had as much fun as I have been having this week.

With anticipation for Sunday's big game at it's peak, I decided to break away from my weekly routine of work, school and occasional community events and have a little fun with… Continue

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Keeping it Moderate: More Spring Shoes!

Here are some more gorgeous and sexy finds for Spring to keep that bounce in your step.

For my ladies that like to keep it moderate and don't mind spending just a couple of extra bucks, check out these beaded, vibrant colored and funky heeled beauties!

Practical for work and sassy enough for play. I'm so loving Boutique 9, Luichiny and Dereon!

Just click on the shoe and it will take you to the site. Enjoy ladies!…


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Fab Spring Heels under $50

Spring is upon us... Hello bright colors, open toes, strappy heels and wedges!

I don't know about you but I'm well over the cold weather. Boots are cute but OMG! this is Miami; it's unnatural for our beautiful feet and legs to be covered.

So I got a head start on some Spring Shopping and found a couple of really "hard to pass up" deals under $50. Yellows, aqua, reds and natural tones... From BCBG and Naughty Monkey to Guess and Jessica Simpson. All I have to say is… Continue

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MUL Happy Hour Dodgeball Recap- Are you ready for more?

3, 2, 1... DODGEBALL!

What a great success last week's MUL Happy Hour Dodgeball game was! Thanks to a collaborative effort from and the Downtown Athletic Club for helping create such an awesome event. Also, thanks to ECCO for providing a 2 for 1 after party.

Everyone had such a blast hailing balls at each other. The game got intense, people ducking, doing cartwheels, jumps and best of all laughing so hard. I can't wait for Round 2 this week. We're… Continue

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Win Free Tickets to 311 Concert!!

As you guys may be aware, one of my favorite bands 311 will be performing at Bayfront Park Amphitheater on December 1, 2009.

I can't wait to see them live!! So, I happen to stumble across PinkGhost's blog on Blogger and saw that they are having a contest to win 4 tickets to the concert.

Visit here for your chance to win too:… Continue

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Riverwalk Recap!

Thanks to everyone that went and helped make this year's Annual Riverwalk & Boat Parade a success!

The weather was awesome and we had a great turnout. There were lots of local vendors/businesses providing samples of their product/food. I was happy to see families, tourists and visitors of all sorts stop by and get a glimpse of our up and rising community. Downtown has always been known for its hustle and bustle but seldom for the people that live there. Over the past decade we… Continue

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The Fledgling Initiative- What an awesome approach to support literacy in less fortunate countries.

Fledgling Wine, Room to Read and Twitter have teamed up to extend literacy and educational opportunities to children around the world. In order to promote literacy in some of the world's poorest regions, for every bottle of wine purchased at Fledgling Wine, $5 will be donated to Room to Read who in turn will donate books to various rural communities.

Room to Read started ten years ago in Nepal by Microsoft… Continue

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2nd Annual Riverwalk Festival and Boat Parade

Got plans for the weekend?

Come join MUL members and fellow neighbors from the Downtown/Brickell area celebrate the revival and renaissance of Downtown Miami this Saturday for the 2nd Annual Riverwalk Festival and Boat Parade. Hosted by Urban Tours Miami's David Brown.

Guests will enjoy FREE admission and discounted parking to Saturday's festivities. There will be a boat parade, a tour of the mouth of the River, special appearances by Marlins and Heat dancers and mascots.… Continue

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For my "E-Writers"- Check it out!

Webinar today on The 10 Golden Rules of Writing for the Web.

Marketing expert Allison Nazarian and Jay Berkowitz will discuss the following:

- How is web writing different from print and broadcast?

- What are the key strategies to write for the search engines?

- Learn the Apple A Day Strategy

- Determine how many words should go on a page and how to use linking strategies…


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A little MUL and DAC exposure!

It's nice to see our neighbors in the media. This month's issue of Brickell Magazine not only features a lot of top executives, new businesses and local trends but best of all- our very own MiamiUrbanlife and Downtown Athletic Club! So big props to both!! If you have had a chance to pick up your copy of the new issue I've listed to link below to view their online magazine. Page 101!!!…


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Fabulous Coats for Fall/Winter

Ok so I've been skimming through the internet looking for nice wool coats for the fall/winter. I know Miami doesn't get too much use out of them but I plan on doing some traveling over the next couple of months. So I thought I would share some lovely finds with the ladies on MUL.

I miss being in NY. They get a few months to play with all the "keeping warm" trends.The colors, the cuts, textures and prints... gosh I wish Miami had a longer and REAL winter. I mean I love wearing tights… Continue

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What's going on? So sad...

Ok I know that there's a bunch of bad shit that happens in the world on a daily basis but WTF?!?!

The news this week has practically sent me into a state of utter depression. Shootings... stabbings... abduction... What's wrong with everyone? Why the need to hurt someone or kill someone? What happened to working things out? Talking things through? Or, just walking away?

Is this one too many questions?

It made me so sad to hear all these things and to know that… Continue

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Website Design- Summer Specials!

Template Modifications: Starting at $500

Basic Website: 5-10 pages, flash intro/header, 2 php forms, full rights to site & 5 edits. Only $550!

Logo Design: 3 Design concepts, up to 4 colors, 48 hour turn around time- $120

For more information, contact Susan at (305) 205-4420 or e-mail:…


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