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Solar Universe 1,000 foot self-sustained structure coming to Miami

Interesting news for Miami:

SOLAR UNIVERSE a self-sufficient, vertical, energy structure that will be operating on alternative energies such as SOLAR, WIND, HYDRO, and BIOMASS.

The creation of SOLAR UNIVERSE comes as a result of uniting the concepts of recreation, education, technology and energy efficiency all in the same structure. After studies carried out by HIGH POINT ENERGY, Miami, Florida was selected as the ideal location for SOLAR UNIVERSE.

The design of SOLAR UNIVERSE incorporates natural elements, such as sun, wind and water, with the goal of being more than just a self-sustained tower, providing nearby properties with all excess energy produced, at reduced costs. The structure is being carefully engineered and positioned to be as much energy efficient as possible. In this case, Form will follow Function in this mega structure rising to approximately 1,000 feet in the air. This power plant will feature an observation deck, restaurant and lounge at the top, yielding the most spectacular views of the City of Miami. There will also be a state-of-art learning center, dedicated to conveying, in an interactive way, how exactly Green Energy works and how it was incorporated into the design and construction of SOLAR UNIVERSE. Construction will be filmed at every step with hopes of broadcasting SOLAR UNIVERSE as one of the man-made Wonders of the World.

Completion of SOLAR UNIVERSE is Anticipated for Spring 2013

More info at:

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Where would it be located?????Do u know?
Bayside, by bayfront park.

Johnny Salazar said:
Where would it be located?????Do u know?

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