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Ok, it's no big deal for women to get a tummy tuck, breast implants, nose job or lipo. I mean it's almost abnormal and a shocker to find a woman now days (especially in  Miami) that hasn't had any work done.

However, some people take it too far. I guess when you're making choice to get work done, the more the merrier? Getting boobs- go big! Getting lipo- take out more! This often leads to surgical mishaps and oddly proportioned results.

What prompted this rant was watching this woman in my building... She looks mid-age (40 or so), obviously has her boobs done (which really don't look so bad-just really big) and then her ass... WTF was she thinking? Who gets ass implants? I mean the woman is Hispanic and I'm sure based on her frame she probably already had a decent derriere. It was so weird looking! Like if someone rolled two balls of Play-Doh and stuck it on where her butt would be and forgot to mold it correctly. I mean most women have that natural curve from butt to thigh. Leaves me wondering if 1- she's really happy with the work they did on her?  and 2- does she really think this looks good?

Gosh I'm still shaking my head over it. I'm all for looking your best and enhancing features but geezus, too much is too is just TOO MUCH!

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