Who's your neighbor?

I created a new topic so that neighbors can introduce themselves!

Let me start by introducing myself...

As you probably already know, I'm the creator of I was born and raised in Miami and currently live, work, and play in Downtown Miami. I started my first business at the age of 16 and have a background of marketing and advertising in the technology sector. I'm also a licensed Real Estate Broker, but mostly practice real estate for my own investments. My hobby is automobile racing and I love to go out and explore the Downtown scene. I always enjoy meeting new friends, so don't ever hesitate to drop me a line!

Please take a minute to tell us who you are by replying to this topic below...
(Introductions only, please!)

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Hi Everyone!

I'm new to, and I'm hoping to make new friends and network here in Miami. I grew up in Newton, MA (10 min. outside Boston). I just graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, in Savannah, GA. I am so thrilled to be home in Miami now, where my parents have lived for the past four years. I love Yoga +Pilates, reading, travel, and all kinds of art. Please check out my profile to see what kinds of jobs I'm looking for--including babysitting!

Nice to meet you neighbors :)
Hi Everyone!

I've been a member for for a few months now but hadn't really checked it all out until recently. I was born in England but raised in Toronto Canada from an early age. Right now I'm a Medical Student with plans to specialize in plastics ( the bread and butter of Anyway I'm currently in Miami now, and although I travel often, Miami is the place I want to settle down in. Anyway I'm looking to make new friends down here, and really enjoy what the city of Miami has to offer. I love to be active, whether it be rollerblading on south beach to going out and looking at all the great architecture in the city. Like to play hockey, soccer and volleyball. So if anyone is heading to the beach for a game of pickup, feel free to drop me a line. Take care.
Hi! I'm Rachel and I live and work in Downtown Miami. Originally from NY, I moved here a couple of years ago and really see the potential in Miami! I love for it's potential too.

As I walk around my neighborhood, I feel like we need more local bars, hangouts, places to convene and blow off steam after work. One of the things I miss most is the "neighborhoodiness" that you get up North. If can bring people together, Downtown can become a real neighborhood. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and making new friends.
Hello, My name is John and I live in Latitude on the River in Brickell! I am a firefighter for Miami Dade county and recently finish my real estate license and just signed with Keller Williams. I was born and Raised in Miami, kendall to be specific, and I absolutely love the City life and a huge fan of what City of Miami Mayor Diaz began for Downtown Miami. I love to make new friends, network, and most of all just enjoy my time with incredible people, already have one hell of a group of friends, but there is always room for more. I am very active, love sports both watching and playing, and I love to travel. Thats enough for an introduction, now I would like to add to the efforts here...

I totally have to agree with everyone, that its about time we start pushing for a more vibrant and openminded downtown(Brickell, Downtown, Park West, etc...). Miami has a rap for being independent and into ourselves, but I think we have a chance to change that!!! Unforanately, its tough times, so Rachel we are going to have to be patient on the additional places opening up, but we have plenty of great hot spots to meet. I feel in these times, people are looking for guidance and for the first time in a long time, opening their minds to ideas, so its our opportunity to show the potential of a new vibrant city!

Alex, I would love to help in any way to make this City what it is meant to be, HOT! And make it one of the best places to live with friendly neighbors, great job opportunities and a fun place to enjoy every moment!

I believe this city has a ton of potential, especially with all the other Big cities lacking one of our best qualities, "The incredible Weather!"
My name is Nick, I am a mechanical Engineer for and Aerospace Company here in Miami; I moved to South Beach about four years ago and just enjoying life to the fullest. I am originally from Ecuador and moved to New York many moons ago, then moved to Tampa, Orlando and now Miami Beach.Enjoy going out meeting new people, beach, eating out, foreign films, Brazilian jazz, electronic, house, etc...easy going guy that loves to have a good time. Hope to meet more MIAMIurbanlife people soon.
Hey People,

Moved into 50 Biscayne about 2 weeks ago, been in the area for about 2 months from Orlando. I'm a Sr. User Interface Designer, another words a Web Designer by day. By night I stand on my balcony and look for evil doers from the 54th floor. Yeah, you..I've seen you..

Ok, not really, I did happen to launch Urban Light Works this year at Ultra Music Festival. I do interactive laser graffiti on the sides of buildings, large walls, etc. Check out the video:

I work for Interval International in South Miami, lets see...I leave on the weekends and travel back to Orlando to spend time with my family. So, I miss the weekend happenings around here. I am into all kinds of stuff. Urban Light Works is something fun that also makes me a few bucks here and there. Oh, just got booked by Smirnoff for a 3 week gig in Mumbai, India at the end of this year. Kind of excited about that one. Nothing else really, techy geek, European car lover; long walks on the beach, puppies, kittens and cuddling. LOL..cuddling is ok, the rest is a take it or leave it kinda thing.

So, whats everyone's thoughts on Mia at the base of 50 Biscayne?
Hi All,

My name is Dan. I own Dan's Connection, Inc., that works with models/dancers/circus performers. Also I am the event coordinator for Rokstar Networks. Currently I am a small business trying to get into more clubs for promoting and bringing in the entertainment or whatever needs. Currently the parties I do are King is Dead friday night, in the design district in miami, and club bed on saturday nights on the beach in miami. Hope to see you all out or let me know where you are at. Also I work in TV/Film as a PA, stand-in, extra...etc.

All my best,
Hi everybody. Just joined up today and glad to see so many people on here! My wife and I moved here last year from Seattle. I work from home (software engineer for Mozilla Firefox) and she works downtown, so it makes sense that we live in a condo. We really like the Brickell area, but found the perfect condo for our family in Met1. As we have a young child, we don't get out much. We do enjoy going to Bayfront Park, hanging out in Mary Brickell Village as well as Miracle Mile in the gables.
Hi neighbors!

I moved to The Ivy (at River Front) a few weeks ago. I'm still discovering the area an trying to familiarize myself with everything Brickell has to offer.
I enjoy working out, stargazing, reading, having coffee/tea at Starbucks, and I love the outdoors.
I am originally from Peru and came to the U.S. about 7 years ago. I went to Lima University to get an undergrad in Systems Engineering. Then I went to Greensboro, NC to get a M.S. in Computer Science and I am currently doing an MBA at FIU.
I work for Tracfone Wireless Inc. where I am a Senior Jave Developer.

God bless you all!
Hello everyone! I, too, am new to this forum. I live in the Cutler Bay area..not downtown, but I guess that is still ok???
Anyway, I am the lead vocalist and guitarist for Stalking Mildred, you may have heard of us??? We like to play and have fun! Hope we can meet some time.
My background is also sales and marketing, as well as a professional musician for a loooooong time. No, did not make the Big Time, BUT..came close, and have played some BIG gigs!
I am now the owner of my own Internet Business, GetFoundPros. We do internet Video ads for businesses and help them attract new customers from ALL over the internet. If anyone would like a demo or tour, feel free to get in touch.
Excited, because I get to go to the Bahamas soon for scuba diving!
Take care all!
I hope this is ok...
I'm Greg Lopez, born in Mexico but I came to the US at a very early age. I was raised in Arizona, and have also lived in Knoxville, Tennessee, Los Angeles, and now Miami. My wife and I operate a some businesses, and one in particular may be of help to some of you. It is; we sell appliance parts and refrigerator water filters, specifically. Check us out! We have lived in the downtown area for some years now, first at The Grand and now at the Quantum on the Bay. We love this area! We like to dine out, watch movies and just do boring "couple" stuff. We love traveling, been to 24+ countries already, love skiing, and just experiencing new cultures. We try not to be "tourists". I like golf but as of yet I haven't found anyone who also enjoys, so I play sporadically. I shoot in the high 90's, so if anyone out there is around that level, shoot me a line.
Hi everyone. My name is David, one more Colombian living in Miami. Moved to Miami 3 yrs a go from NJ where I did my college studies after moving from Colombia in 99. What can I say about Miami, great town, specially for a latino that can get the best of both worlds in a single place. I live in the Pace Park area, and love how everything is so close to here, and the amount of activities going on. Hope to network and meet new friends and coleagues around the area. I currently work as a business consultant in the document management industry. I like doing all sorts of activities from playing volleyball, to going out and checking the new restaurant down the road. hope to meet new friends in the area.

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