Who's your neighbor?

If your condo is not listed, please post your request here and I will add the particular condo to the list with a picture and basic information.

Thank you!

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Can you add The Venetia condo, located at the foot of the Venetian Causeway, next to the Grand / Marriott.


Hi James,

I created a group for the Venetia Condo:

Feel free to join and invite other residents.


Can you add Quantum on the Bay
Hi Samir,

A group has been created for Quantum on the Bay:

Feel free to join!


I finally got pics of 1060 Brickell. Put it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Taylor!

I created a group for 1060 Brickell:

Make sure to join and spread the word! I hope you ran out of cards by now! :)

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the request. It was nice of you to include the pictures. I went ahead and created a group for Nirvana:

Hey Alex, would you mind please adding Nordica Condominiums?
Hi Ariel,

I went ahead and added Nordica to the list of condos. Make sure to join and spread the word to other neighbors!
I just added it. Thanks for finding the pics for me. :)

Please add the:

South Pointe Tower
400 South Pointe Drive
33139 Miami Beach

Thank you'

Best regards,

Mélinda H.
The pictures for the South Pointe Tower:

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